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Online Dentist Consultation: A Better Second Opinion and More

Are you tired of having to drive halfway across town just to get a second opinion from your dentist? Does a “follow-up” feel like it takes at least half of a workday? Those are just some of the ways that an online dentist consultation can help. They’re convenient, sure, but they’re more than that: they’re greatly beneficial, too. They’re great for patients as well as for dentists. But, to get the most from a virtual consultation, you need the right teledentistry platform, too. That’s where Denteractive comes in. 

How an Online Dentist Consultation Works

For most folks, the way a virtual consultation works are that you schedule it some time in advance through Denteractive. Then, when the time comes, you use your computer or phone, your dentist is on the other side, and you have the consultation. “Virtual consultation” might not be the right phrase, as there’s nothing “virtual” about this, really. It’s genuine, actual consultation with a dentist. They’ll go through your history, they’ll look at your teeth and mouth, then, from there, they’ll make a diagnosis. Denteractive’s platform is powerful enough to make teledentistry possible.

Online Dentist Consultation 

Better Clarity on Options and Pricing 

Have you ever considered seeing a dentist only to ultimately change your mind because you aren’t sure exactly what options and prices were available to you? Our goal was always to make Denteractive as easy to use as possible. So, to that end, we make sure that we’re always 100% transparent and upfront about your options and their prices. No “secret” fees or anything of that nature. We make it clear what everything costs and what you’ll get for it. That way, you can get the best teledentistry possible. 

Better Results with Less Noise

In this context, “noise” can have multiple meanings. For one, as mentioned, Denteractive’s video and audio are as clear as can be. So, your board-certified dentist will be able to see exactly what’s going on with your dental care. That way, they’ll be able to make the best, most accurate diagnosis possible. To that end, there’s also less “noise” in that the entire process is that much more streamlined. You don’t have to rearrange your entire day’s schedule (or worse) simply to go see a dentist for an appointment. Instead, you can better fit it into your day, your schedule, your life. 

Immediate Access to Care Available 

All of the above having been said, we understand that there are folks who are facing a dental emergency. They don’t have time to schedule an appointment. Instead, they need access to care right at this moment. We offer that as well. There’s always a dentist ready to help, 24/7/365, no matter what. When you consult with them, they’ll tell you exactly what you can do right now, in terms of pain mitigation, oral care, and so much more. It’s like having a dentist on your phone who is always ready to help. To get started, check out our site and download our app today.