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Virtual Dental Consults

Now more than ever, there has been an increasing demand for dental providers to offer telehealth services. Denteractive’s virtual dental consultation software enables dental providers to offer virtual consults to patients for a wide range of dental concerns via secure, HIPAA-compliant text and video connections.

What Issues Are Covered Through Virtual Dental Consultations?

Online video consultations allow dentists to provide quick and specialized real-time care for a variety of dental problems. Urgent dental issues can be addressed quickly when an in-office visit isn’t plausible — reducing the risk for more serious problems or extensive treatment down the road.

In addition to addressing urgent dental matters, virtual consults are equally as effective for discussing treatments such as:

  • Virtual orthodontics consult
  • Virtual dental cosmetic consultation
  • Virtual dental implant consults
  • Virtual clear aligner consult
  • Second opinions

How Would My Practice Benefit From Virtual Consults?

Virtual dental consults provide numerous benefits for dental professionals:

  • Increased patient leads and revenue: Denteractive’s teledentistry software helps increase your practice visibility and distinguish yourself from peers. With virtual care, professionals can quickly and easily communicate with patients in distant locations, increasing your span of care and the number of patients you can treat.
  • Improved practice productivity: Teledentistry allows dentists to focus their office staff and in-person care on patients who require chair time. Less urgent patient issues can be addressed more efficiently through remote virtual consultations.
  • Easier patient follow-up: Denteractive’s real-time platform allows dentists to easily interact with patients via text or video, eliminating the need for follow-up appointments in the office.   

How Does Virtual Care Benefit Patients?

For patients, virtual consultations offer all the benefits that in-office visits do — and more.

Virtual dental care benefits patients by:

  • Increasing patient satisfaction: Teledentistry enables patients to connect with dentists from their home or on the go. Flexible online scheduling and remote, face-to-face consultations provide patients with a convenient, comfortable means to communicate and collaborate with dentists via text or video for a wide range of dental issues.
  • Improving patient education: Real-time teledentistry software allows for immediate and optimized access to professionals for the sharing of pertinent patient files, treatment history, and educational resources via video and text communications.
  • Connecting patients with new providers: Teledentistry makes it easy for patients to search and connect with new or existing dental professionals for advice, consultations, recommendations for second opinions, and emergency dental care — all from the comfort of their home computer.

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