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Below is a short list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Denteractive intended to serve as a knowledge base for patients and dentists. We also have a glossary of dental keywords and or dental terms available for your reference. For more information about Denteractive™ or additional support, please contact us.

About Denteractive

Denteractive is an App and a web service that allows patients seeking better care and the best dentists to find each other and connect in real time. Denteractive offers many features, including private text messaging, audio and video conferencing, a live scheduler, and more.
No, Denteractive is a digital educational and introductory platform to match patients with the right dental professionals and improve communication between them. You can speak about a variety of dental subjects with our network dentists to learn about your concerns and treatment options. Denteractive will facilitate your office appointment once you feel ready; however, Denteractive is not a substitute for in person office visit. Denteractive does not offer direct diagnosis, treatment or prescription service.
There are no fees or hidden charges for joining Denteractive. Denteractive services are completely free to the users from searching for dentists to appointment booking. And if you like our service, we would love for you to invite your family and friends, so they have access to the best quality dental care professionals who are known for their caring service.
Simply register by entering a valid email address, along with your personal password and acceptance of the terms of use. Then you can start discovering the world of Denteractive’s live education, and interact with dental professionals.
Yes, Denteractive can also be used just as easily and effectively through our website.
You can interact with as many dentist as you feel necessary to find that perfect answer to your question; and, to feel comfortable to make an appointment with the right professional. Again, we appreciate you inviting your friends to join Denteractive.
You can always interact and ask questions if your dentist is part of our network. If you already have a dentist and he is not part of Denteractive’s network, please invite him apply for membership (we carefully screen for those who have the best reputation among patients and other dentists). He will be able to take advantage of our facilitated digital communication and you will be able to interact with him through our platform.
Denteractive is mainly a matching service and an educational platform for top dentists and the public. We facilitate introductory meetings and actual referrals to dental offices.
Yes, absolutely. All information is encrypted and stored in a secure and up-to-data server. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for a detailed description of our practices.
You can get second opinions, get answers to general dental concerns, get follow-up care to make sure all is going well, cosmetic opinions, emergency consults and prescriptions prior to an in-office referral and treatment. 
Yes, this service is not meant to replace your dentist. It is a complimentary service that will optimizes your best overall dental care.

Making An Appointment Using Denteractive

The “Video Call” tab in the dentist profile is not used for making video call appointments. It is ONLY used to video call dentists if the dentist has an online status and available for video chat immediately. You can think of this option as video walk-in as opposed to patient walk-in in dental offices.
Not yet, Denteractive is currently operational in Southern California, but we plan to expand into other areas in the United States.
Just enter your zip code and see the options close to your area. Denteractive is currently active mainly in Southern California and is growing quickly.
With Denteractive you can simply and securely send an appointment request to the dental office with your contact information, and you will be contacted to schedule your perfect appointment. Alternatively, you can make a Live appointment with the office through our revolutionary Audio/Video Scheduler.
We have an emergency service where we can quickly connect you with a dental professional for guidance and education. Simply press on the emergency tab in the App or inside the Denteractive website, and choose your emergency.
You will always receive a confirmation e-mail and your appointment will appear on your scheduler. In addition, you may choose to contact your ideal dental office through the audio or video tools of Denteractive to set, or confirm your appointment.
You will receive all relevant details about your dentist, such as phone number and address in your confirmation e-mail.
You can do so through the live scheduler, or by contacting your dentist.
Using the emergency feature is very simple. Here is the step by step process:
1) Push the emergency button, and select from one of the emergency options.
2) Next, initiate the call and wait until one of the available online dentists receives your emergency request and responds.
3) Once the connection has been established, describe the nature of your dental emergency problem.
Making a video call is simple. Here is what you need to do:
1. Search for and choose a dentist from the search list. From the dentist profile main menu, press the “Appointments” tab. Next, pick the desired time from the availability calendar, and complete the booking.
2) Upon a successful appointment, you will receive an email confirmation. Make sure the day and time is correct.
3) You will receive another confirmation 15 minutes prior to the start of your video call.
4) At the confirmed time, simply go to your profile, press the “Appointments” tab, and select the designated venue under “video appointments”. Simply click and initiate the call.
5) The dentist will receive a notification of the incoming call, and will immediately connect with you.

My Denteractive Account

Denteractive is a custom referral service for top-rated dentists. You can use Denteractive search tools to find dentists based on both your needs and where you live. It allows you to get personally educated about the latest information on keeping your teeth and gums healthy, while interacting closely with a dentist near you!
You can sign in through the top right corner of the website, or the sign-in button on the mobile app.
The credit system is based on your interaction not only with features of Denteractive app, but also how well you interact with your family and friends through Denteractive. Denteractive rewards credits to users based on the following rules:
1) Immediate registration – plus 10 credits
2) Invite a friend – plus 3 credits
3) Appointment request – plus 2 credits
4) Live scheduler – plus 3 credits
5) Video chat – minus 5 credits
6) Emergency – minus 5 credits
7) Private text messaging – FREE
Your total credit is listed below your photo accessed in your personal profile.