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Increase Lead Generation With Online Reviews

While the world adapts to conducting more business online, the teledentistry industry has also gained momentum with online users. And so, many dentists have jumped on board with online dentistry through video conferences. As an online dentist, you are probably at the crux of discovering what strategies work best for your dental practice. 

With launching an online business comes a series of trials with different marketing strategies. Some will work, some will not, and some will evolve. What has proven to be effective in gaining new prospects for online patients so far: online reviews. 

What is Teledentistry?

Dating back decades, teledentistry has been used to provide remote dental and hygiene care for patients via telecommunications, most commonly through audio calls. Today, video calls are the most popular form of teledentistry used around the globe. Through this form of online dental care, patients can receive instant and affordable care. Teledentistry can also be used to effectively and efficiently triage patients. It is a form of telemedicine.

Marketing Strategies That Work

Denteractive gives dentists all over the country the opportunity to succeed online and in their brick-and-mortar practices by providing dental professionals with marketing tools. When professional signs up, they are able to plug in a marketing banner to their website, make appointment booking easy, automate review requests, and simplify lead generation with a prospect list. Additionally, with Swell Insight tools, dentists can analyze data such as customer engagement and patient sign-ups that will help adjust marketing campaigns. 

Online Reviews and Purchase Intent

Studies from China show that customers are likely to be persuaded by the language used in online reviews which will then affect their purchasing intent and later their purchase decision. Because there is a social presence of real reviews by real people, people are more likely to purchase an item or service when a product or service has a review. It even goes on to say that 70% of consumers surveyed said they trust a brand more when other consumers leave reviews or comments on a product or service and 85% admit that these consumer interactions will lead them to purchase. Important to note, consumers, are more likely to be swayed by factual objective language in product reviews. Whereas in experience reviews (like teledentistry), consumers are more likely to be swayed by figurative subjective language. 

Why is this all-important? The more online reviews a company has, the higher it will rank on Google. It will also enhance its reputation if it ranks high with good reviews, increasing lead generation for online and in-person visits. 

With Dentreractive, you can improve your marketing strategies and lead generation through online reviews marketing. To start your online dentist business with Denteractive, call us at 888-574-7754 or download our app today.