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Dentist Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting prospects to choose your practice for treatment over another provider. Before patients even consider requesting an appointment with a new practice, they research the treatments they want to find the most appropriate provider for their needs — and that search usually begins online.

Today’s modern patients are busy, tech-savvy, and expect remote access to their dentist. In fact, 74% of millennials prefer telehealth visits to an in-person appointment. As a result, effective dentist lead generation involves making your practice visible and available through online marketing for dentists.

Denteractive’s teledentistry software and dental marketing services provide a powerful avenue for dentists and dental groups of all sizes to increase their visibility, distinguish themselves from other providers, and generate patient leads to grow their practice.

Denteractive Drives More Patients to Your Practice

Whether a patient is seeking a second opinion or a cosmetic consult, Denteractive’s real-time teledentistry platform enables dentists to interact with interested patients via HIPAA-compliant text messaging or video conferencing on demand. This helps establish an immediate personal connection between the patient and provider while fueling future revenue for the practice.

What’s more, Denteractive’s easy-to-use widget function enables dentists to market services and attract leads through inbound messaging. New and existing patients can use the widget to schedule remote consults directly from the practice’s website. The combination of immediate patient engagement and fully automated virtual visits helps convert website visitors into new patients for your practice.

Benefits of Denteractive for Lead Generation

Denteractive’s robust teledentistry solution and dental Internet marketing tools help differentiate dentists who have embraced the importance of a digital practice presence. There are many benefits, including:

  • Intuitive app allows for easy communication with patients via face-to-face video consults or private text messaging.
  • Provides patients with immediate and optimized access to dental professionals for education and resources.
  • Convenience of virtual consults and online scheduling eliminates the need for patients to take time off work or sit in waiting rooms.
  • Personalized, 24/7 care helps build long-term connections with patients.

Start Getting More Leads Today

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