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Dentists: Online Dental Consultations In the Palm of Your Hand, Literally

Do you ever feel like you use too many resources when consulting with a patient? You have to be in your office, make sure they have a room, put them in the calendar, then take the time to get through all the small talk to see them, all while potentially pushing other meetings further down in your calendar. Denteractive can help to streamline this process (among so many others). An online dentist consultation through our teledentistry app eliminates just about all of those concerns. 

Save on Office Space

Even the most opulent dental practice has a limited amount of room. You want to be able to help as many patients as possible, but that may not be possible with your office space. However, there’s always an open office at the Denteractive app. Instead of having to use a full office, you can be in your own office, or just sitting or standing by a wall. That way, you or the other dental professionals on your staff can utilize the rooms you have to see the people who have to come in. It’s one more way that we can help dentists to get more out of what they already have. 

All the Functionality for a True Online Dentist Consultation 

To make a teledentistry consultation work, we realized that our app had to be able to do everything that a dentist would need. This is why we made sure that it’s well constructed. You can’t have an app that slows down, glitches out, or has other technical problems right in the middle of a consultation. Plus, we’ve designed it so that you can get all of the information from the patient that you might need, in clear, obvious detail. 

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Denteractive Consultation: Like Being There 

If you need to see the patient’s mouth, our app makes it possible to do that. With powerful video conferencing, you can see, in crystal clear detail, exactly what’s going on. If you need the patient to show you old X-rays or other pictures, so that you can make a better, more informed diagnosis, our app is capable of that too. Basically, the only thing you can’t do with the help of Denteractive is to shake hands at the end of the consultation. 

A Consultation From Anywhere 

If you’re like so many other dental professionals, it probably never feels like there are enough hours in the day. You want to connect to all of your patients, yes, but it feels like your time in the office is never put to use as well as it could be. Our app lets you answer questions from your patients whenever. You can do it during your commute. You can take a moment out of lunch. You can do it if another patient is late for their in-person consultation, another person has to leave early, or in any other eventuality. Denteractive was made by dental professionals, and it shows. Become

a Teledentistry office https://denteractive.com/dentist/register.