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When is the Best Time to Book a Dental Appointment in Los Angeles? Let’s Take a Look

For most patients, planning a dentist appointment is as simple as booking a day off work and waiting in an office for an hour. But if you want to strategically plan your dental appointment to minimize wait times, it helps to understand typical dentist office traffic patterns and find a low-traffic day for your appointment. Time is a precious commodity, and that’s why you want to work to save as much time at the dentist’s office as possible – especially in a big city like Los Angeles. So when is the best time to book your dentist appointment? Here’s what you need to know.

Time of Year: Book While School is in Session

Lots of parents wait until summer to take their children to the dentist, for a variety of reasons. Summer typically means parents have more free time thanks to vacation days, so they’re able to take their kids to the dentist. It also means children can recover from major procedures at home without worrying about missing school. If you’re not a parent or a student, though, it’s a great idea to book your dentist appointment during the school year – preferably at peak mid-term season. That way, you’ll avoid having to fight for an appointment with students and parents, so you’re more likely to get the slot you want.

Book on a Monday for Shorter Wait Times

As it turns out, there are certain days of the week that are better if you’re booking a dentist appointment. One study found that the most popular day of the week to see any kind of doctor (dentists included) is Tuesday. Thursdays typically see the longest wait times, while Mondays see the shortest wait times. So if you want to avoid wait times and simply get in to see your dentist as soon as possible, schedule your appointment for a Monday.

Go First Thing in the Morning or in the Late Afternoon

Want to really optimize your dental appointment scheduling? Provided you have the freedom, you’ll want to book your appointment for specific times in the day. The most popular time of day to make an appointment is between 10 AM and 2 PM, with Friday at 10 AM and Monday at 2 PM as particularly high-traffic times. If you want to skip the lines, you’d do well to book outside of that high-traffic period. That means you’ll want to either book your appointment first thing in the morning (9 AM or earlier, if possible) or later in the afternoon (3 PM or afterward).

So what is the best time to book a dental appointment in Los Angeles? If you want to get the best possible slot, you’ll want to book your appointment for 9 AM or 3 PM on a Monday. These low-traffic periods are your best bet for skipping the line – or, if your dentist is one of the more popular professionals in town, getting the appointment at all. Don’t wait to see your dentist longer than you have to. Book at the right time and leave the waiting room behind.

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