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Ways Our 24 7 Dental Platform Helps Dentists That Many Don’t Realize

Are you a dentist that’s considering teledentistry but hasn’t “taken the plunge yet,” so to speak? Do you still feel on the fence about whether or not teledentistry is right for you? By this point, many dental professionals are familiar with the concept and some of the more basic benefits of teledentistry. You can save your in-office resources for patients who need them, you can find more patients and you can schedule more of them, too. However, there are some other benefits to our 24 7 dental app that we’ve found even top-tier dentists aren’t always aware of. 

It’s a Great Way to Generate Leads Right Now 

Denteractive doesn’t just provide a platform that you can use to connect to patients in need. Rather, it provides a platform with advanced marketing tools so that you can stand out from the rest (so as to connect to more patients in need). There are plenty of dentists already on Denteractive, but, none of them are exactly like your practice. With our simple-to-use tools, you can boost your practice’s visibility to more patients than ever before, showcasing what sets you apart from all of the rest. 

An Increase in Productivity as Well as Reimbursements 

You’ve been a dentist long enough to know who requires “chair time” and who has the kind of low-intensity issues that could be handled in a matter of minutes. Teledentistry allows you to better allocate the resources (in terms of treatment rooms and office staff) towards the former while still giving the latter all of the attention and care that they deserve and need. Moreover, we make it easier than ever to get the reimbursement for your time directly by patients and insurance companies as well. We see it as one more way that we can help. 

A Way to Hang Onto Patients Through Thick and Thin 

When we say that “our teledentistry platform makes it possible for you to stay connected to patients,” we mean it literally as well as metaphorically. Consider: many patients use Denteractive dental practice software as their preferred after-hour emergency line of communication. There, you can help them in a matter of minutes in their time of need. That can keep them from having to make unnecessary visits to urgent care, emergency rooms, or even other dentists. It’s a great way to retain patients for a long time to come. 

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Our 24 7 Dental App is Ready to Help Your Dental Practice and Your Patients 

 Much of the above may sound complicated, but the truth is that you can get started with it in a matter of minutes. We specifically designed Denteractive so that dental professionals like yourself could get “up and running” on our app in a very brief period of time. If you’ve been looking to expand your practice while conserving your resources, our teledentistry app can be the best, most efficient way to go about it. To get started please visit the dentist page on Denteractive.com and create an account.