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Studies Show How Dental Teledentistry Helps Dentist and Patients

Have you been considering getting your dental practice involved with dental teledentistry, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Does it feel like, while teledentistry may have some benefits, it ultimately could be more hassle than it’s worth to you? These are feelings that some dentists have had. However, teledentistry is more popular than ever, with more and more patients as well as dentists turning to it over the last so many years. The truth is that teledentistry holds plenty of benefits for dentists as well as patients. Here at Denteractive, we built a platform for dentists and patients alike. 

A Study Proving the Benefits of Dental Teledentistry 

The Center for Health Workforce Studies (from the Health Sciences Campus at the University of Albany, SUNY) did an in-depth study of teledentistry to see if it was beneficial to dentists and patients. What they found was that it was beneficial in many ways to dentists and patients alike. Their major finding was that “teledentistry is a relevant and appropriate strategy for linking patients with clinical providers who are not otherwise easily accessed.” Basically, if there are folks out there looking for a dentist who may not have access to one, you can help them. 

Denteractive: for Dentists

Many of their findings showed that teledentistry was great for dentists, with some caveats. For example, they found “teledentistry is a cost-effective modality for both patients and providers, but finding sustainable funding to provide the services is challenging.” To be blunt, they did this study before we launched Denteractive. Here, with our platform, we’ve taken care of all of that for you. All you need is your phone and our app, we’ve taken care of the rest. By using Denteractive, you have the best, most technologically advanced teledentistry platform anywhere. 

Why Patients and Dentists Choose Teledentistry

Another of their findings: “teledentistry services are useful for delivering both primary and specialty dental consultation.” Think about what that means. No more will you have to stack your entire in-office schedule with folks just coming by for a check-up, a follow-up, a second opinion, or anything of the sort. Instead, you can save your precious resources for the patients and circumstances that truly need them. This is great not only for your practice but also for your patients. Many of them would love to use teledentistry instead of having to drive clear across town just for a check-up, etc. 

Dental Teledentistry

Getting Started with Teledentistry Today 

One finding sticks out to us: “(teledentistry) infrastructure requirements vary by location, but the certain basic technology is essential to provide high-quality services.” Again, this is what we’ve taken care of for you. We’ve taken care of the “certain basic technology” for you. Moreover, we’ve gone far further than that as well. Of course, dentists on Denteractive aren’t just limited to teledentistry sessions. Indeed, so many dentists on here have found more patients in their area for in-person visits and more. To get started please visit the dentist page on Denteractive.com and create an account.