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Prospective Patients are Looking for a Dentist Like You Right Now

Is your dental practice growing as quickly as you would like? Has it felt like your growth has dropped off or even completely stopped? Dental practices have been dealing with this essentially all over. With so many dental practices around, you might have to do more to stand out from the pack. Here at Denteractive, we offer exactly that: a pool of prospective patients, each of whom have come to our teledentistry app because they’re looking for a dentist. If you want patients to find you when they search online for “looking for a dentist,” read on. 

Better Allocation of Your Time 

Every moment you spend figuring out advertising for your dental practice is one more second you don’t spend helping your patients. Dentists today can feel stressed, having to allocate time between the two. Denteractive keeps this from happening. When you’re on our app, in our teledentistry platform, people will be able to find you. They’ll search for dentists in your area and find you. It may seem impossible, but it really is that simple. All you have to do is what you’re already doing: running the best dental practice you can. 

The Prospective Patients in Your Area Looking for a Dentist Like You  

At Denteractive, we’re very lucky to have a deep pool of prospective patients. Since we rank highly online for many different teledentistry keywords, we’re what comes up when people in need of dental help search online. This allows us to offer dentists access to a deeper, wider pool of prospective patients than other platforms might be able to. There are people who could use your help right now, in your geographic area, who aren’t able to find your practice. Denteractive keeps this from occurring. 

Saving Your Resources While Still Growing Your Practice 

Denteractive’s help doesn’t end once someone has come to your practice, of course. You can use our teledentistry platform going forward, too. By running your follow ups, consultations, and second opinions through our teledentistry app, you can save the rooms in your practice for those who need them. By doing a consultation online in a couple minutes (when “in person” it would have taken an hour) you can treat more people that much more effectively. We see it as more ways to help our dental clients. 

No Time Like the Present 

The truth is only the best of the best have realized Teledentistry will set them apart.. The good news is, however, our pool of prospective patients understand that. So, they trust that when a dentist is on Denteractive, they’re more than good enough. If you think you and your dental practice measure up, we would love to have you on our platform. You can get started by registering your practice for Teledentistry Access on our website for dentists. Soon, you can deliver remote care to your existing patients and connect to all those prospective patients who have been looking for you!