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An Online Dental Consult Is Bound to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

How many times have you felt some sort of dental discomfort or toothache only to be forced to wait who knows how long before seeing a dentist? It’s not great, is it? Well, here at Denteractive we have found a solution to that problem. Through our platform, you can have an online dental consult that smooths this process for you and makes it easier to access dental care at your earliest convenience. 

How Does an Online Dental Consult Work?

This will probably be your biggest question when confronted with the idea of an online dental consultation. After all, your dentist can’t really open up your mouth and look at the problem through the phone, can they? Well, Denteractive works with the help of picture and video sharing, as well as texting and calling. This way, you can communicate with your dentist in regards to what’s going on and even share visuals with them. Through this dynamic, they can gain a better understanding of your current situation and give you recommendations on how to address this problem by yourself. This also allows for easier follow-ups that don’t require a lot of scheduling or logistical inconvenience. 

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Can an Online Consult Replace an In-Person Appointment?

The short answer is “maybe”. It’s not that an online consultation can fully replace an actual appointment, but they can definitely provide a convenient and helpful interim before one. For example, if you are dealing with a toothache that could potentially be solved with the help of medicine, then yes, consulting a dentist through Denteractive might have just saved you an in-person visit. However, if this is a more serious problem that requires medical intervention, an online consult can, first, let you know what’s going on and, second, help you be comfortable while you schedule an appointment. After all, you might be dealing with incapacitating pain or discomfort, so an online dental consultation can help you get some relief.

Does a Remote Consultation Even Work?

We’ve found that online consultations can actually help patients quite a lot when it comes to dealing with their dental issues. For one, dentists don’t have to wait until they can see you in person to recommend ways to ease your pain or your discomfort. Of course, this isn’t just about your physiological ailments but also about your general peace of mind. Gone are the days of worrying over and over again while looking up your symptoms online. Now, you can rest assured in between your online and your in-person appointment thanks to their professional advice. 

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Having an online dental consult has never been more convenient. What’s better than reducing your visits to the dentist? This way, you don’t have to deal with waiting rooms, dental tools, and scheduling conflicts unless it’s strictly necessary. Plus, in times of an ongoing pandemic, this sort of preemptive responsibility is more important than ever. This is why Denteractive can get you in touch with available professionals who can help you at a distance. For 24/7 dental help, visit our website or give us a call at (888)-574-7754.