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More Than Just Teledentistry for Dentists at Denteractive

“OK, the videoconferencing is very good and all that, but what does Denteractive offer dentists in addition to teledentistry?” From talking to dentists, we’ve heard some version of that question many times. The truth is that we built Denteractive for dentists and patients alike. The idea was that both could use it to get what they wanted from the other. Patients want help and advice. Dentists can provide that. Here at Denteractive, we take great pride in being able to bring top quality dentists onto our app. A major reason for that: what we can offer dentists. 


Simply put, you can find more patients on our app. Prospective patients in your area are looking for a dentist like you on our app right now. Some patients, perhaps, might meet with you once, for one reason, and then not come back. But, far more likely, once they see how good you are, they’ll be back again and again. While we think of ourselves in some ways as a dentist and patient match-making service, the truth is that we’ve established long term patient/dentist relationships. When you want to grow your patient base both today as well as in the future, we’re here. 



There’s only so much time in the day. There’s only so many rooms in your practice. So much of running a truly successful dental practice (or taking yours to the next level) involves careful and precise resource management. This is one more area where we can help dentists of all kinds. Instead of clogging your rooms up with second opinions, consultations, and similar meetings, you can see your patients for a few minutes through Denteractive. Utilizing all of our tools, you’ll have everything you would need to make an accurate diagnosis, just as if the patient were in your office. Moreover, patients appreciate that, since they don’t have to drive into your office and so forth. Saving you and your patients time is one more way Denteractive can assist. 


When your patients are in an emergency, you want to be there for them. Denteractive makes that possible. You can give more access to your patients who are in an emergency right at the moment they need it most. Checking in your patients when they’re suffering urgent dental issues puts you in a better position to help them. Additionally, it’s the kind of thing that patients tend to remember, cementing them as your patients for a long time to come. 

The Best Teledentistry for Patients and Dentists Alike 

We’re selective at Denteractive. Only the best dentists are allowed on our app. The people on our app who need dental professionals expect nothing less. But, for those dentists who do get onto Denteractive, they can expect many benefits indeed. Videoconferencing, X-rays, pictures, video – you can help your patients in ways that were impossible just a short time ago. If you think your dental practice measures up, we’d love to hear from you. Download the Denteractive app today to get started.