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How to Streamline Your Practice With Virtual Dental Care

Perhaps you want to use teledentistry but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you aren’t sure if it’s for you. There are so many benefits to using teledentistry that you can’t afford to ignore it and it may be easier than you think to take the plunge. It can help you to stay ahead of your competition, find new patients, and increase your productivity and profitability. You can streamline your dental practice today by offering virtual dental care to your patients. 

Increase Convenience and Efficiency

Teledentistry offers you the opportunity to offer virtual dental care visits to patients. You can also interact with them via text message. This allows a great deal of convenience to patients and enables you to be more efficient in the way you manage them. When you’ve been a dentist for long enough, you know which patients really need ‘chair time’ and which ones have issues you can handle via a virtual visit. 

Offer Flexible Online Scheduling and Urgent Care

When patients are able to schedule appointments and initiate sessions via a virtual dental care tool you place on your website, this offers them convenience and helps to increase their satisfaction and loyalty. They don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules and travel to your practice but can have a virtual visit from anywhere in a more convenient, accessible way – and for a wide range of dental issues. 

On the other hand, virtual care allows you to offer patients an after-hour emergency line of communication. When they know they can get help in a matter of minutes, this strengthens the patient-dentist relationship. This benefits both client retention and online reputation, as they’re more likely to leave positive reviews for you.

Find New Patients

Consistently finding new patients can take up time and effort but using teledentistry software makes it much easier. You can use efficient marketing tools that increase the visibility of your practice. Visitors to your website can easily message you and this will give you an opportunity to convert them into patients. 

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Manage Post-operative Queries

Teledentistry allows you to manage post-operative queries. It makes your patients feel connected with you, which reduces their stress and encourages their loyalty. They can send images or video chat and get reassurance that they are healing. If they have an emergency, it can be dealt with speedily. 

Get Directly Reimbursed by Dental Insurance Providers

Dental insurance providers support teledentistry because it offers patients more convenient access to dentistry and preventative care, which can prevent serious problems from developing. 

Start Implementing Virtual Dental Care Today

By creating personal connections with patients through teledentistry, they will trust your expertise and seek out your services. Signing up on Denteractive’s website gives you free access to its leading teledentistry platform, which was built by dentists for dentists. You can get “up and running” on Denteractive’s mobile app and expand your practice efficiently and safely while conserving your resources. Visit https://denteractive.com/for-dentist/ to learn.