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Getting Started Finding a “Dentist Near Me”

Have you been searching for “dentist near me” in one search after another, only to not like what you’ve found? Or, alternatively, have you been unable to find anything that could even be remotely construed as “near me?” Teledentistry has become more popular for many reasons, not the least of which is how it gives patients access to more quality dentists around them. It also helps connect folks in need to a dentist when they might not have access to one period. 

How to Find the Best “Dentist Near Me” With Our Site 

Just go to our site, click on “Patient Log In,” and you’ll be all set. That doesn’t mean, automatically, of course, that you’ll be instantly connected to a dentist. But, it does mean that you’ll then be in a position to find a dentist that’s a good fit for you. You can look at their pages, their profiles, and their schedules. From there, you can schedule a remote consultation, a phone call – just about any possible way to connect to a dental professional. We see it as one more way that we can empower patients. 

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A Transparent Platform that’s Open to Folks Like You 

Another way to empower patients: transparency. We understand that, for many folks, this might just be their first time using teledentistry or even telemedicine in general. It’s natural to be a bit wary, initially, about talking to a dentist virtually or even handing over your medical information. To that end, we do everything we can to make sure that our platform is as transparent as possible. That means that we’re always upfront every step of the way. There’s no “hidden” anything here: fees, prices, “fine print,” any of that. We work as a kind of match-making service between patients in need and board-certified professionals. That’s what Denteractive is all about. 

“Continuity of Care” 

One of the most popular features of our platform is how easy it makes getting a second opinion, a follow-up, or something similar. We know how important those are, so we take them very seriously. That’s just one of the reasons that we make it easier than ever to get a second opinion or a follow-up. Instead of having to drive to an office and wait, you can do these in just minutes. Of course, this wouldn’t work if our platform was anything less than crystal clear and very powerful. With Denteractive, your doctor will be able to make a diagnosis. 

Getting Started Right Now 

While many patients come to Denteractive to find a dentist in the near future, there are others who don’t need a dentist in the future – they need one right now. They can’t wait. So, to that end, we offer emergency services as well. 24/7/365, you’ll be able to connect to a dental professional who can help you to make the right decision at this moment. Instead of going right to the emergency room, you can learn the best course of action right now. To get started, check out our site and download our app today.