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Get New Dental Patients Through Virtual Triage on Your Website

Telehealth services in dentistry are becoming more popular and more patients now expect online access to a dentist. If you’re a dental care provider, embracing teledentistry technology means you can offer virtual dental visits and improve access, transparency, and continuity of care for your patients. Access to marketing and practice management tools, like an intuitive virtual triage tool, enables you to consistently get new patients, connect with new and existing patients, provide more personalized care to patients and grow your practice. 

Generate Leads

If you value a technological edge, you will be able to stand out from the competition by using teledentistry software. A real-time platform means new patients seeking care or advice can interact with your dental practice via text or video. Access to marketing tools can also increase your practice visibility as you can engage with patients and offer intuitive patient education. “Message your dentist now” functionality makes connection easy. 

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Offer Better Care to Patients

Using teledentistry technology allows you to find and connect with new patients but it also means you can offer them better care. Patients can schedule and initiate sessions via a virtual triage tool that you place directly on your website. Patients can make appointments at times that suit them and chat from the comfort of their homes. Tracking all their dental visits is easy and they can go back and follow their treatment by dates.  

Eliminate Obstacles to Treatment

Patients may neglect dental appointments due to busy schedules, having to travel to a dental practice, and take time off work. You can remove these challenges by using teledentistry software to connect with them wherever they are. With flexible online scheduling, they are more likely to have regular dental care and this can prevent more serious dental problems from occurring. 

Offer Urgent Care

Using teledentistry software for after-hour emergency communication ensures efficiency and reduces unnecessary visits to emergency rooms. In the event of an emergency, you can offer patients advice and find out whether they need to have an in-person visit or not. It is possible to check on new or existing patients with chronic conditions, urgent issues, or those who need more attention because they have acute conditions. 

Boost Productivity

Managing time and patients more efficiently is essential if you want to boost your productivity. You can manage patients better and use your rooms for patients who require chair time and have virtual visits with others

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