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3 Key Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Dentist Visit

Your first dentist visit should be a very informative experience that tells you whether or not that dentist is a good fit for you. You’ll want to ensure you’re well prepared for this first visit in order to make an informed choice. Here are just three ways you can ensure that your first visit is a success.

Bring Your Medical and Insurance Records

You’ll want to come to your first meeting with your new dentist prepared. It’s important to know your dental history, and have access to recent records or logs of your dental treatments. The records will tell your dentist if there are any immediate or chronic concerns to address related to your oral health before the exam. In addition, your medical history and a list of your prescription drugs, supplements and allergies are crucial to for dentists to know. This information helps avoid unwanted reactions that could impact treatment and your overall safety. Also bring your insurance information and make sure your coverage terms haven’t changed since you last went to the dentist. Otherwise, be prepared to pay any costs for the visit or future appointments with payment methods the office accepts (the staff can also provide an application for the credit program dentists often use for those who don’t have credit cards).

Be Prepared to Talk About Fears Before the Exam

You’ll need to tell your dentist about any anxiety you may have about dental procedures because of past experience and talking about this should ease concerns. She or he can explain the many ways treatment can be made pain-free: from oral sedation, effective injections to numb the area before the treatment, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation in controlled settings. Also, make sure you brush and properly clean your teeth and gums before this appointment, so that you can be thoroughly examined on this first visit. It is much easier for the dentist to see cavities and find the problems when there is no plaque or debris covering your teeth and gums.

Look for Signs of Professionalism

You want to feel comfortable in your dentist’s office, and you want to feel confident in your dentist’s abilities. That means on this visit you’ll want to look for signs of professionalism and expertise. Does your dentist properly listen to your and read your chart? Does he take the time to thoroughly exam your mouth and discuss your dental care options? Does the dentist and assistants use masks and gloves when they examine and treat patients? Does the office look clean? Do staff members seem happy and relaxed? Are they friendly and do they seem caring about patients?

Looking for a new dentist can be a challenge and that’s why you’ll want to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared to meet your new dentist for the first visit. Pay attention to the details, as they can be quite telling. You’ll know once you’ve found the right dentist, so don’t settle for a dentist you don’t feel comfortable with.

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