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The Benefits of Working with Denteractive and Swell to Grow your Dental Practice

Have you been looking for a way to incorporate teledentistry into your dental practice? Does it feel like being an online dentist would benefit your practice, but you haven’t found a platform that’s right for you yet? It can be difficult to know where to get started with teledentistry. If you’ve never used it before, you want a platform that’s HIPAA-compliant, technologically advanced enough so that you can always make a good initial dental assessment, provides access to qualified new patients and even shows you how to get started. Those are just some of the benefits we offer with Denteractive. 

Unlimited + Growth 

That’s the name of our most advanced plan for dentists, and it comes by that name honestly. With this plan, we provide you with basically unlimited everything as well as access to qualified, new patients. So, you’ll get a complete practice growth solution that’s powered by Swell, for one. In addition to that, HIPAA Teledentistry Messaging and File Sharing, Live virtual video Teledentistry Sessions, and unlimited patient Invitations to your virtual care portal. Additionally, your onboarding will be personalized and we provide training as well. This is our best package for a number of reasons. 


Unlimited and Getting Started FREE

We also offer “Unlimited” and “Free” plans. Both provide a 30-day free trial of practice growth solution powered by Swell. Unlimited also provides video teledentistry sessions, messaging and file sharing, a patient invitation to teledentistry, and more. We’ve had many of our dentists who originally come to Denteractive with the “Free” option only to find that they experience exponential growth here and then opt for one of the more comprehensive packages. No matter which plans you choose, when you’re with Denteractive, you’ll have access to qualified new patients. 


You may have read the above sections and thought: “well, that sounds good. But, what is ‘Swell?” Simply put, it’s the easiest way to get more new patients and keep them, too. Swell is a new, powerful automated lead-generating system. Are you looking to add more patients to your practice? That’s what Swell can help with. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, Swell can practically lead them to your door (virtually). There’s only so much room in a blog to explain how something as comprehensive as Swell works, but we go into a bit further depth in this video: 

Your Practice, Your Growth 

When you don’t have the number of patients that you would like, it can be frustrating. It can also be frustrating when it feels like you’re using too much (or maybe all of) your resources on second opinions, follow-ups, and the like. Those are two of the situations that we created Denteractive to help with. With teledentistry, you don’t have to use rooms on patients who just need to be looked at for a few minutes. Instead, you can do all of that online and save your rooms (as well as everything else) for the folks who need them. To learn more, please visit www.Denteractive.com/swell or simply get started on https://denteractive.com/for-dentist/