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Better Dental Care and More Time for Yourself: Online Dentist Benefits

Have you been curious about teledentistry, but aren’t sure if you can really trust your dental care to an online dentist? Does it feel like there’s not really a way that talking to a dentist online would be able to provide you with the sort of dental care that you need? These are legitimate concerns. For many folks, the only kind of dental care that they know is being in the dentist’s office, seeing the dentist in person, and so forth. However, here at Denteractive, we’ve found a way to make the teledentistry experience that much better for folks who need dental care. 

Less Time Away From What Counts 

When you go to a dentist’s office for a check-up, follow-up, or something of that nature, how much time do you actually spend seeing the dentist? The average time, according to studies, is about twenty minutes. Now, think of everything that goes into making sure those twenty minutes occur: taking time off of work, rearranging your schedule, driving to the dentist’s office, waiting in the dentist’s office, and then driving away from the dentist’s office. For most folks, that’s at least an hour (if not more) that they can get back through teledentistry. 

Increased Accessibility for All Patients 

When we talk about “teledentistry makes dental care more accessible,” it tends to be in the context of how you can communicate with your dentist in ways that were previously unavailable. Text messages, video calls, and more – that’s increased accessibility. However, we’ve found that it also makes in-person dental visits more accessible for those who truly need them. After all, when a dentist and/or dental professional can take a few minutes out of their day to look at your dental situation throughout the platform, they can spend more time in their office in-person with someone who needs more help than you might right now. Teledentistry makes dental care more accessible for everyone.  

Care When and How You Need It 

Unfortunately, as of this writing, studies have shown that roughly one-fifth of Americans live in a rural area where access to dental professionals could in no way be referred to as “easy.” That’s to say nothing of people in urban environments that also do not have easy access to a dentist. Denteractive provides access to dentists as well as emergency dentists 24/7. That way, wherever you are when you need to talk to a dental professional, you can. 

Online Dentist

Finding an Online Dentist (and Potentially an In-Person Dentist) at Denteractive

Many folks seeking dental care don’t come to Denteractive when they have an emergency. Rather, they come to browse, to research, to “window shop.” We have an entire roster of dentists, many of which are most likely in your area so that you can find the one who’s right for you. From looking at their profiles, schedules, resumes, and more, you can find the absolute perfect fit for you and yours. To get started, check out our site and download our app today.