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A Better Way to Handle a Dental Consultation and So Much Else

You’re trying to grow your dental practice. People are reaching out to you… but there just isn’t room at your practice. Rather, there aren’t “rooms” at your practice. Sure, you might have a few, but they’re always booked with people looking for follow-ups, consultations, second opinions, and something similar. You want to expand and help more people, but you just don’t have the resources to do it. This is one area where we’ve helped dentists since the very beginning. At Denteractive, we make it easier and more cost-efficient to have a dental consultation and so much else. 

The Dental Consultation Solution: Teledentistry 

Instead of using up one of your rooms, you can do a consultation through our app. Your patient can be in their home, in their car, on break at work – really, anywhere where they have internet access. The point is not where your patients are. Rather, it’s where they aren’t: taking up one of your rooms. That way, you can save those for the more high-intensity issues that other patients may face in the course of a day. Time and space are precious resources for your practice. Denteractive allows you to conserve them better so that you can better dole them out as you see fit. 

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Proper Reimbursement 

“OK, that sounds good, but how could I possibly be reimbursed for my time?” That’s one question we’ve heard from dentists in various forms. We’ve taken care of that as well. You’ll get reimbursed for your time directly from patients and insurance companies. We even have the CDT at our site, so that you can see it for yourself. You’re a dentist and you deserve to be paid for the work you do. It’s our goal to see that happen. Moreover, another goal of ours is to see you get as much work as possible. 


Beyond Consultations: Outreach 

At Denteractive, we don’t just make it possible for dentists like you to see more patients while saving time and money. Rather, we make it easier for you to expand the reach of your practice as well. People log into Denteractive every day (and night) looking for a dentist. Maybe they’re looking for an emergency dentist for pain management. Perhaps they’re searching for advice from a dentist in their area. If you’re the dentist who provides them with solutions at our site, then the odds are quite good they’re going to come back to you again. And again. And again. We’ve connected patients and dentists for a long time. 


Efficiency in All Things 

At the end of the day, we can make your dental practice that much more efficient. Second opinions, follow ups, consultations, and more can be handled with maximum efficiency through our app. Getting started with us is handled with that same level of efficiency, too. If you believe that your dental practice is ready to get started with Denteractive, we’d love to talk to you. Simply download our app today.