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A 24 7 Dentist App For Dentists Made by Dentists

There are more teledentistry apps and services than ever before. If you’ve tried to find one that fits your dental practice, however, you may have discovered that precious few of them are made by dental professionals or people who understand dentistry. That’s just one more factor that sets Denteractive apart from the rest. Our app was designed by board-certified dental professionals. So, it was built with dentists like you in mind. With Denteractive, you and your patients can get everything you need out of a 24 7 dentist app

Communicate with Patients in a Reliable Way 

If you’ve tried other teledentistry apps, then you may have found just how frustrating they can be. You may have spoken to a patient who struggled to describe what was wrong to you, but when you asked for a picture or a video, they came out poorly (if they came out at all). Or you might have videoconferenced with a patient, only for there to be so much lagging and distortions in the video that neither of you could communicate much at all. Denteractive doesn’t suffer from these problems. It was built to be able to let you and your patients share information rapidly and completely. 

24 7 Dentist App

Saving on the Follow Up 

Follow-ups are important, but you want to be able to save time. That’s true for yourself as well as your patients. With Denteractive, follow-ups are a literal breeze. Instead of taking time out of your day to schedule your patients, bring them in, sit down with them (thus taking up plenty of office space and literal manpower), you can instead treat them through our app. Checkups of all kinds can be done in just a matter of minutes. Denteractive makes it possible to see and treat your patients through a screen as if they were in the room with you. 

Answering Questions 

Your patients need reassurance. Even the ones who are going to be fine, who have overcome their concerns, are going to want to be assured that you’re there for them and that everything is fine. With our teledentistry app, you can connect to them easier than ever. So, they don’t have to keep calling you over and over again, getting all the more frustrated (while potentially taking more and more of your time). Instead, you can connect over our app, answer their questions right then and there, then everyone can move on with their day. 

A 24 7 Dentist App Dentists Can Get on Easily 

We know that you’re busy with your practice. You don’t want to have to take so much time out of your schedule just to sign up with our app. That’s why we’ve made it easy and simple to get on to Denteractive and then start treating your patients while meeting new ones. If you have any questions, our support is literally here for you. Get your practice started today with Teledentistry https://denteractive.com/dentist/register

and be a progressive dentist!  Your patients  can download our free app at the Apple Store today or use the product on the web https://denteractive.com/