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Denteractive has partnered with to provide the best dental savings plan to help you determine what best fits your needs. For more information, please call (800)664-0612. Hours of Operation: 9AM – 8PM EST M-F

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What Is a Dental Savings Plan and How it Works?

A dental savings plan is a benefit program that allows dental care seekers to take advantage of savings and discounts when paying for dental care. Rather than paying premiums the patient pays a membership fee to join a dental savings plan. Each time the patient visit the dentist, the patient can show the health-care provider the savings membership card to receive a discount on eligible dental care services

What Does Dental Savings Plan Cover?

The terms of a dental savings plan, what's covered, and the amount of discount the patient is may be eligible for can vary depending on the plan. Please contact our partner at 833-985-1424 for more information.

How Much Can I save?

Here is an online savings calculator to help you see how much you can save on your next dental visit.

Online Savings Calculator