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Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

Denteractive’s teledentistry platform includes a dental appointment scheduling software that allows patients to make appointments with a dental provider online. The feature is convenient and easy to use, helping you save valuable staff time, fill your provider schedules, and improve patient satisfaction.

Patients Prefer Online Scheduling

For years, consumers have had the ability to make dinner reservations, books flights, and request service appointments from their smartphones, tablets, and computers. The growing trend is now an expectation. Today’s modern patients are seeking dental providers that can deliver the same convenience from their digital devices.

Offering dental appointment software for your practice is an excellent way to appeal to new patients and improve patient loyalty. The flexible and secure online scheduling app allows for quick self-scheduling for video consultations or in-office visits.

Busy patients can request appointments for consultations, followups, or second opinions on the go and after regular business hours. This eliminates the inconvenience of lengthy contact forms or waiting on hold with staff members during restricted office hours.

Benefits of Online Scheduling for Dentists

Offering online dentist scheduling software goes beyond improving patient satisfaction — it can also drastically increase your practice’s visibility and productivity to bring you more business.

Denteractive’s dental office scheduling software:

  • Is simple, secure, and HIPAA-compliant
  • Provides quick access to your weekly calendar and allows for overall improved time management
  • Automates scheduling tasks so that your staff is free to focus on the patients who are in your office — improving patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Allows you to easily add, modify, or delete your online availability for video calls as your schedule changes

Learn More Today!

Adopting new dental clinic online appointment software can streamline your day-to-day operations, save your staff time, and help you serve patients better. Learn more about Denteractive’s scheduling features and membership options today.