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Patient Follow-Up Software

Stay connected to your patients even after they leave your dental chair.

With our patient follow-up software, it’s easier than ever to reach individuals after treatment, including after hours or for an urgent matter. With more people expecting to interact with their health care providers online, dental patient communication software meets a real need for many dental groups.

Give your patients an easy way to communicate with you online. Always be accessible when patients need you after a treatment. Using Denteractive patient review software is a smart, streamlined solution that can facilitate patient follow-up interaction via texting and video calls.

Benefits for Dentists and Their Offices

Denteractive can expand your ability to reach patients, saving you time and headaches in administrative work. Consider some of the benefits available to you through our teledentistry platform:

  • Patient follow-ups conducted from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy, efficient scheduling
  • Save in-office chairs and space for more pressing treatments and procedures
  • Increased patient engagement and connection
  • Enhanced patient loyalty and satisfaction
  • Fewer unnecessary visits to urgent care or emergency rooms
  • Fewer visits to alternative dentists because of lack of access to you

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