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Teledentistry in the Age of Coronavirus and Social Distancing

A way to diagnose those who suspect they may have COVID-19: that’s what telemedicine can provide. Health professionals all over the world have hailed it, as has President Trump. This technology is more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. Here at Denteractive, we offer online dentistry that uses the kind of technology that will be so important moving forward. There are many benefits to this technology that are critically important at this juncture. Most importantly for you: Talk to a dentist now anywhere and any time with Denteractive Teledentistry.

Teledentistry: Communicate with Dentists Without Leaving your Home 

“Social distancing” is considered to be the best way that a regular person can keep from spreading or getting the virus. Many of the early symptoms of COVID-19 look and feel similar to a common cold or even the flu. There are no doubt countless people who wonder if they may already have it at this time. Utilizing telemedicine to talk to a doctor without leaving their home (or even their bed) they’re able to distance themselves socially all while talking to a health professional. 

To be clear, telemedicine can do so much more than allow a person to be checked out once by a doctor. To use an example from our own experience at Denteractive, we can use telemedicine to provide more than just remote dental consultations, but also second opinions, follow up visits, and more. Instead of going back to the office or seeing another dentist,  you can get all this service seamlessly through our platform. 

Additionally, this technology is advanced enough to be able to make it possible for a doctor to adequately make a determination. In the past, some forms of online medicine would be inadequate due to poor video quality, and the like. At Denteractive, our technology makes it possible to not just have clear video but to share and store pertinent files. That could include videos, pictures, and even high-res images such as X-rays and more. 

We understand that many folks are concerned about the idea of utilizing something like Denteractive without having an insurance provider. That’s fine. We’ve specifically designed our platform so that you don’t need a provider to be able to use it. Patients can connect with one of our 24/7 dentists or even one of their own dentists through Denteractive. If your doctor isn’t on Denteractive, it might be worth it to ask them to join. We have also partnered with the largest marketplace for dental insurance and discounted dental savings plans, in case you need it for your actual visit with doctors.  You can download the app here.



Think about everything that’s involved with going to the doctor’s office or another kind of medical facility. You have to leave your home to go there, then, you have to park, walk into the facility, and check in. Odds are you’ll have to wait a moment before you’re allowed to see a medical professional, and eventually, you’ll be able to do so. Now, go back through this paragraph, and find all of the places where you could potentially infect someone else. Alternatively, you could look through and find all of the areas where you might not have a serious disease and someone who does have one is able to infect you. 

When you’re being diagnosed from home, however, you don’t have to put yourself at that risk. Consequently, you don’t have to put others at risk, either. By utilizing technology that already exists, we can all do our part to help keep more folks safer throughout this pandemic. At Denteractive we make the process of dentistry more efficient and informative.

However, once the pandemic ends and our lives return to normal, that doesn’t mean that we have to stop using this technology. Indeed, here at Denteractive, we’ve made it possible that folks will be able to communicate and collaborate with dentists at all times through phones, computers, and more. With Denteractive, dentistry is easy and hassle-free.

Technology that Saves Vital Resources 

On average, virtual meetings with doctors are shorter. They tend to go faster. That means that they save time for medical professionals. That’s always a benefit, but at this current time, it’s even more important. Forecasts have shown that, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has a strong chance of testing our healthcare system. That means that it could potentially use up all of the time and resources that our medical professionals have, thus straining resources to their breaking point. 

Virtual healthcare, however, can lessen some of that strain. It could open up resources for those that are more in need. Instead of using up all of the time that it takes to talk to a doctor in a facility, a fraction of that time could be used in a video posted from one’s home. 

The Forefront of Teledentistry 

This is an uncertain time. Events are changing rapidly, daily, and sometimes even hourly. That makes every little improvement, every small boon that much more important, as they can pay great dividends later on. By embracing virtual meetings with dentists and other medical professionals, that gives more people an opportunity to stay safe and healthy while getting those who truly need medical care the attention and treatment that they need. 

Here at Denteractive, we’re committed to making sure that anyone who needs to get dental care online needs it. That’s true during a pandemic or any other time. We offer advice 24/7. Our site is open to patients that are looking for dental care, as well as dental professionals who seek new patients to help. You can get started with the process by going to our site.