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Online Dentist Consultation and So Much More

You take care of your teeth. You brush and floss regularly, always making sure to do what’s right for your oral health. Having a dentist you trust is a priority, yet you’ve struggled to find a dentist that you really connect with in your area, one that’s right for you. You’re busy, and whenever possible, you’d like to save time, but not at the expense of your oral health. Denteractive was made for people all over, but if you relate to the above sentences, then Denteractive was absolutely made for you. With our app, you can schedule an online dentist consultation and so much more. 

Online Dentist Consultation that Doesn’t Take All Day 

Think of how long a consultation with your dentist lasts. If you don’t have a serious problem, then it might be what, five, ten minutes tops? Possibly even shorter, if you cut the time spent with small talk, catching up, etc. Now, think of all of the time that goes into that consultation. You have to get dressed, potentially take off of work, rearrange your schedule, drive to the office, wait in the waiting room, then go in, do the consultation, and then head out. That can take hours if not longer. With an online consultation, all of that goes away. You can just do the consultation from practically anywhere on any device, so long as you have an internet connection. 

online dental consultation

Second Opinions and Follow Ups are a Breeze 

Of course, you don’t just have to use our teledentistry platform for a consultation. It’s perfect for second opinions and follow ups as well. Those can be even shorter than a typical consultation. With our teledentistry, we emphasized both the “dentistry” as well as the “tele” parts of it. That means that our video conferencing is second to none. Dentists will be able to use it to determine exactly what’s going on with your teeth and then make just as accurate and high quality a diagnosis as they would if you were in the office with them in person. 

How to Find a Great Dentist 

To get to everything that we’ve mentioned above, you need to connect to a dentist of course. That’s what our platform is all about. You can use Denteractive to find so many dental professionals in your exact area who are taking new patients right now. That way, you can “play the field,” reach out to multiple dentists, and determine which is exactly right to meet your needs. 

Here for You in an Emergency 

While we hope that you never need it, if you need dental help in an emergency, Denteractive is there for you. With dental professionals available 24/7/365, there’s always someone qualified on hand to walk you through an emergency. Instead of worrying and wondering (while dealing with the pain) get an expert diagnosis that will let you know exactly the best course of action. To see all Denteractive can do, download our app.