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Denteractive and Swell: Best Dental Practice Growth Solution on the Market

Have you been looking for a way to bring new patients into your practice? Does it feel like everything you’ve tried to connect to patients doesn’t bring in the results you were hoping for? At Denteractive, we’ve always connected qualified patients to dentists with our dentist online chat app. Now, to make it even better for dentists, we’ve partnered with Swell. A powerful form of automated patient lead generation, Swell is, simply put, the easiest way to get more new patients and keep them. There were always plenty of benefits for dentists using Denteractive; now there are even more with Swell.


How Swell Works: Boosting Your Presence

A major part of Swell is its “Review and reputation” management tools. Basically, it generates positive online reviews that will increase your search rankings as well as, in turn, your credibility. Thus, this attracts more patients to your site to grow your dental practice. Specifically, Swell, in this stage, generates more “local” website traffic. In this context, “local” means “qualified patients in your area.” So, when folks in need find your site through Swell, they’ll see that you’re in their area and then reach out to you for an appointment.

Gaining New Patients through Virtual Triage

The most powerful new patient generation strategy for any practice, bar none, is customized virtual care. That’s what our virtual triage tools on your site will provide. These aren’t just any “virtual triage tools” – these are HIPAA-compliant ones. Moreover, we’ll provide you with customized website banners for your virtual teledentistry portal. That’s where patients will be able to ask dental-related questions, send pictures, make online appointments and virtual visit bookings with ease and in comfort. Then, you’ll be able to provide virtual care access from practically anywhere and on any device. The best part is: you can monetize all of these interactions through insurance reimbursement or direct fees; and, gain a loyal and well-informed patient that is ready to start treatment!


Keeping Your Patients, Keeping It Going

Swell’s retention tools work best when you work your best. That means as long as you and your staff are checking in with your patients, our collective tools will maintain an awesome experience for your patients, Swell will do everything it can to help you retain all of those folks with a multitude of great capabilities like web chat, swell pay, surveys, and your own personalized dashboard with which you’ll be able to see the growth of your dental practice. Instead of thinking: “well, I think we did a little better this month,” you’ll be able to see all of the steps forward you really made. From there, you can optimize your practice success strategy, too!

There’s a Patient Looking for You on Our Dentist Online Chat App Right Now

You may have read to this part of the blog and thought: “wow, that all does sound good. But… I wouldn’t know where to get started with all that.” We absolutely understand. Indeed, that’s just one of the reasons that we offer many different packages for your dental practice. In the “Unlimited + Growth” one, for example, you’ll have complete access to Swell as well as all of our personalized onboarding and virtual training. We believe so much in our product that we are willing to let you try it for FREE and you’ll see yourself the power of the Denteractive-Swell solution!  To learn more please visit www.denteractive.com/swell or visit the dentist page on Denteractive.com to get started.