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Dentist Online Chat App: Conserve, Connect, and More

Do you wish there was some way for your patients to reduce unnecessary visits to urgent care or emergency rooms? Are you looking for a way to boost your dental practice’s productivity but aren’t sure exactly how to do it? We created Denteractive to do all of that and more. With our dentist online chat app, you can talk to patients at essentially any time. When we say “talk,” we don’t just mean “talk,” of course – you can also video conference with them, share X-rays, pictures, videos, and more. 

Teledentistry – More Important than Ever 

As of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on. That means people are, thankfully, doing what they can to slow or stop the spread of the virus. Maintaining proper social distancing, staying home unless it’s an absolutely necessary trip, and so forth – these are hard sacrifices we’re all making for our health as well as the health of others. Seeing a dentist, however, can be necessary. That said, you want to make it so that the people who come to your dental practice are the people who absolutely need to see you “in person.” That’s where Denteractive comes in. 

Safe and Convenient 

Even during a pandemic, follow-ups, consultations, and other kinds of interactions with your patients are important. However, you don’t want to put yourself, your staff, or your patients at risk just for these kinds of meetings. With Denteractive, it can all be done online. So, instead of everyone having to put on a mask, leaving home, and that kind of thing, you can meet with them in such a way that the risk of anyone getting sick is literally zero percent. Your patients will appreciate that you were there for them, and they’ll certainly remember how you took their health into account with this measure too. 

Connectivity at All Times 

When you need to connect to your patients beyond business hours, Denteractive can help there, as well. For so many dental professionals, our app serves as their prime after-hour emergency line of communication. That way, you can potentially cut down on your patients having to make unnecessary trips to the emergency room, the urgent care, or even other dental professionals. Speaking of things that patients will remember, a dentist who is willing to answer their questions at all times is very high on the list. 

A Dentist Online Chat App that’s So Much More than Just “Chat” 

When people hear that something is a “chat app,” they tend to think that it’s just some kind of messaging service, where people are sending text back and forth. Sure, Denteractive can do that, but it’s also a reliable videoconferencing app too. You and your patients can share video, X-rays, pictures, and so much more. Beyond connecting to the patients you have, you can also use Denteractive to connect to new patients, as well. Our app makes it possible for patients in need in your area to find you easily. Register today to become a Teledentistry office https://denteractive.com/dentist/register